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Almost everything we are looking for is available there. But how?

Try some of these keyword combinations (+ example under it):

1. “Competitors/Comparables” + “Marketing channel.”

Apple offline event

2. Best + “Marketing Channel” + campaign + “Recent Year.”

Best newsletter campaign 2022.

3. “Marketing Channel” + Strategies + “Our industry.”

Social Media Strategies fashion eCommerce.

4. “Marketing Channel” + Strategies + “Recent Year.”

Podcast Strategies 2022.

5. Case Studies + “Marketing Channel” + “Our industry.”

Case Studies community development gaming company.

6. “Marketing Channel” + Trends + “Recent Year.”

TikTok trends 2022.

7. Biggest + “Our industry” + Marketing Channel” + Influencers

Biggest Car YouTube Influencers.

8. Best + “Learning Sources” + “Things we want to learn.”

Best Books to learn marketing & branding.



Step #1 — Observe

Take a look at our surroundings.

How? Have a walk, commute, work out, read, listen to music, watch movies, cook, hear podcasts, etc.

Step #2 — Learn

Ask yourself “What can I learn from this?”.

To take it to the next level: Write down your learnings.

Step #3 — Create

Produce something from your observation & learnings.

Photo, micro-blog, article, videos, podcast, handwriting, food, handcraft, song, cloth, poem, etc.

Step #4 — Improve

Publish your work and ask for feedback from others.

Improve the work based on that.

(Repeat — Repeat)



  1. Coba lebih “penasaran” & banyak nanya ke org lain
  2. Normalisasi ngakuin salah and beneran minta maaf
  3. Gpp kalo sesuatu ga berjalan sesuai yg kita mau or rencanain
  4. Lebih fleksible buat ngubah or update cara kita mikir akan satu hal
  5. Berani ngelakuin tugas yg penting walaupun itu ga nyaman!
  6. Tau kalau kesehatan, fisik, mental, and finansial itu sama pentingnya
  7. Lebih sadar kalau “we suffer more often in imagination than in reality
  8. Beneran terbuka sama masukan dari org yg relevan
  9. Belajar lebih ngertiin perasaan kita & obrolin ke org terdekat
  10. Gpp kalo “jelek” waktu awal-awal mulai hal yg baru

Selamat terus belajar & jadi lebih oke.



  1. Know a topic quite well? it’s 101% okay to share your opinion about it. At the end of it, you can ask “What about you? What do you think about (insert the topic here)?
  2. Not really familiar with the topic? it’s 101% okay to say “I don’t know enough about this to have an opinion”
  3. Have a different opinion? Be curious about it and ask “That’s interesting, tell me more about it!



Andrew Prasatya

Andrew Prasatya

Founder of @datatovisual | Head of Content Marketing at RevoU