Content Marketing Strategies Indonesian E-Commerce Should Focus On in 2017

Content marketing is a crucial aspect that the marketing team in every company need to focus on now. Especially in the e-commerce industry, these activities become the main factor that will increase the brand awareness, customer loyalty, and conversion rate.

Nowadays we knew that customers hate “hard-selling” content. The marketing team needs to think harder to produce the content that brings “value” to the readers.

Flashback 2016

I could say that 2016 is the year with the highest content marketing distribution in Indonesia’s e-commerce space. From the email marketing campaign to until the video campaign. For example, Lazada made a “personalized” email that gives a suggestion of what you should bring when you traveling.

Video series of “Create Your Opportunities” that Tokopedia created also part of the content that we saw in 2016. The purpose is to onboard more sellers to their platform.

Last but not least, Bukalapak made a huge video competition to commemorate Indonesia’s independence day. They asked Indonesian video creator to make a hero themed ad about them. The purpose of this competition is to create stronger brand awareness about Bukalapak among Indonesian consumers.

What content marketing activities that Indonesian e-commerce will produce in 2017?

1. Video Video Video

Since 2016 Bukalapak & Tokopedia already used video as one of their content marketing activities. Last year, most of the e-commerce use YouTube as the main channel when it comes to video. Since they are the best platform at that moment.

But, with the rapid technological growth, in 2017 we will see more videos on many different platforms.

This year will be the year of “Short Video” and will focus more on the platform like Instagram stories & also Facebook stories. E-Commerce will be more creative to increase engagement in their social media using this features. For example, they could ask their followers to open their Instagram stories, screen shoots the image they posted, upload it in the Instagram stories, tag them & win some freebies.

E-commerce will also use “Live” features as their video content this year. There are a bunch of social media platform that allows us to make a live streaming video such as Instagram, Facebook & YouTube. The marketing team can optimize this features to publish the event they make, create a biz talk session with the CEO or many other things.

We will also see a lot of 360 videos. They can use the gadget like Samsung 360 to make office tour, to show future talent about the company, cool stuff that they have, people inside the company and another interesting part.

2. Influencer Marketing

I trust when he talk about which camera gear I should buy because he is a damn famous photographer

Yup, this is exactly what e-commerce wants when they do influencer marketing. As a marketer, we already know that people trust a recommendation from other users more than from the brand directly.

We saw the HUGE number of influencer campaign in 2016. From bloggers who attended the event and do live tweets; YouTubers who made a soft-campaign video about how easy to sell products in particular platform until Instagram Artist who helped particular hashtags to promote a campaign.

Andrew, people now are smart, they will notice if it is a sponsored post

Agree, this is the challenge for the marketing team of E-Commerce in 2017. They should be able to choose the RIGHT influencers, pick the RIGHT momentum and create a RIGHT story line.

I am sure we will see more influencers campaign in 2017. Most of the campaign will focus more on Instagram, YouTube & Blog. People will still choose twitter to spend some money but not as big as other social media channels.

3. Interactive Content

Interactive content is quite famous in US and Europe but not yet in Southeast Asia. This is a huge opportunity for e-commerce players in Indonesia to be the first one.

This type of content allows users to see a data in easy and interesting format. For example, users can filter, sort, see some animation, click on some button and so on. Most of the success interactive content will bring increase the traffic on that particular page and increase the chance for people to also open the homepage and end up buy some stuff.

Moreover, if the content is interesting online media will also going to be interested in covering it in one of their articles. It’ll increase the publication & trust of that particular e-commerce because it’s been covered in one of the most authoritative media in Indonesia

In 2017 we will see some e-commerce players that will start create their first interactive content.

4. Infographic

Infographic type of content is not a new thing in Indonesian content marketing activities, but, people still produce it because of it still effective to present exhaustive data in a super simple way.

There are many reasons why e-commerce produces an infographic content. It could be to educate the market and media about Indonesian mobile shopping behavior based on the data they have; make a step by step how to become their seller; how to use a particular feature on their platform; or just to respond the trend that happens at a particular moment.

This is the example of the infographic we made in iPrice to respond the trend of iPhone 7, The Price of iPhone 7 in Southeast Asia.

With the huge interest of Indonesian people with the content that have good visual quality, in 2017 we will see more infographic from e-commerce players.

5. Mobile-Friendly Content

Based on the research done by Gfk said that 93% of the internet users in Indonesia prefer to use a mobile phone to access the web compared to desktop.

With this data, content creator in each e-commerce should be able to adjust their content for mobile users. If they want to create an infographic, they should pick the right font style and size to make it readable. If they want to make a video for Instagram stories they should take it vertically not horizontal. If they want to make an interactive content, they should make the responsive version.

We will see more interesting content marketing coming from Indonesian E-Commerce players in the next 1–2 months!

Ps: For the content marketer, feel free to share your thought in the comment section!!

Head of Content Marketing at RevoU